Ice-cream Soda – Strawberry.

canon pix 041aYou can compare me to an Ice cream!
I’m cold.. that is, I AM literally cold all the time
But, you know..
Ice cream is also sweet but not me. So what I’m saying is: Ice-cream issssss sweet!!

I think without Ice-cream this world would be dark and chaotic. I’m glad it exists and when it mixes with fresh fruit and soda it turns into an Ice-cream soda (someone was being really creative). Names aside, ice-cream soda melts my troubles away, all day long.  Also summer is here and nothing could be more perfect than this. The most important thing to do during these months is to stay hydrated and so I suggest drinking lots and lots and lots of this…(as a bonus you will get round also)

You may have heard of this thing, it goes by different names in different places. Float, Spider, snowball, I don’t know why anyone would call it a spider, I would love to tell my son to come and drink a spider with me hahaha, I don’t think he will appreciate the joke though. I found this recipe in a cookbook that I had bought on a whim. I tried it and there was no looking back.

Why do I like it so much? hmmmm….Its so delicious and so good and so versatile.

I can make it with fresh or frozen fruits like strawberries, blueberries, raspberries, blackberries, kiwi and so many more.

I can add any kind of Ice-cream, preferably the same flavor as the fruit, but oh well!! rules are meant to be broken anyways.

By mixing up different combinations of fruits and ice-cream flavors I can serve it with a new name at every single dinner that I have , ha ha. How’s that for a housewife genius mom/host?? 😀 Also just so everyone knows, I think this is the reason why my daughters don’t  lose weight.

We are going to make a strawberry ice-cream soda; you just need 4 things to make this concoction of bliss….

canon pix 009 aand now my signature blender shot :p

canon pix 016 aServes: 4


  • Milk                                                                                300 ml
  • Fresh or Frozen fruit, I’m using Strawberries              300 gm ( if frozen, partially Thawed)
  • Ice-Cream                                                                      600 ml (same flavor as the fruit)
  • Carbonated water                                                          450 ml
  • Sugar                                                                            If needed.


  1. In a food Processor or blender, blend the strawberries and milk on high-speed until smooth. You can leave it a little bit chunky too if you like fruit chunks like my son-in-law.
  2. Add a little sugar at this stage if you want a sweeter drink. I don’t use any sugar (keep it natural folks!!).
  3. Pour this into your favorite glass. Try choosing a tall glass so it looks pretty at the end 🙂
  4. Now add the ice-cream, one big scoop in each glass.
  5. Slowly add the carbonated water, I used club soda but you can also use soda, such as Sprite or ginger-ale, but both of those are sweet themselves so make sure you don’t add a lot of sugar.
  6. Serve immediately.

canon pix 083 aaaaaaaannnndddd “that was the best ice-cream soda I ever tasted” (your Last words, because you will immediately die of extreme delight) Thanks!!!! 😀

Aa jao bachon “Ice-Cream Soda” tayyar hai !!!!


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